Atlantis Skincare Story

A city lost to the waves, its founders said to be half human, half deity, a land filled will silver and gold and carpeted with lush forests. This is the legend of Atlantis, a place of fertile soils and abundant greenery, of astounding beauty and astonishing spirituality.

Legend says Atlantis was a land of goddesses and fertility, where nature grew in abundance, nourished by fertile soils and nurtured by sustainable farms. The people of Atlantis were bastions of Mother Earth, protectors of the natural balance, at one with the land and its eternal power.

Said to have been banished to the depths of the ocean by higher powers in vengeance for their immortality, the people of Atlantis used crystals for healing.

Atlantis Skincare is a cruelty free, vegetarian and vegan friendly, waterless brand.

Atlantis Skincare was inspired by the legend of Atlantis – our luxurious, 100% natural skincare products are hand crafted in small batches, following a seed to skin and farm to face philosophy. Sustainably grown, wild-harvested active and adaptogenic ingredients are carefully combined for effective results in the Atlantis Skincare lab, a facility developed specifically to fuse science with nature and to create sublime skincare rituals for every type of skin.

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We believe in the power of plants cherished by sun, earth, water and wind and their ability to protect, restore and improve the skin's natural beauty.

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