Meet the founder

Zane Piese has been on a lifelong journey to reach Atlantis, fuelled by a passion for nature and inspired by the struggle to find beauty products that really work, free of artificial ingredients and packed with the power of Mother Nature.

An entrepreneur, creative, mixologist and visionary, Zane’s affinity with plants and botanicals began at an early age, nurtured by a childhood spent in the unspoilt Latvian countryside, surrounded by blooming meadows and fragrant, mystical pine forests. Her mother, a doctor and natural healer, believed in natural remedies and the power of plants before medicine.

While our ancestors understood the power of nature’s bounty, this knowhow had been lost somewhere along the way, much like Atlantis itself.

Zane has a Masters degree in Agriculture and practised as an energy healer before moving into the cosmetics industry where she’d stay and hone her cosmetology craft for 15 years. Her passion for natural skincare took root here, when she noticed that clients using products with artificial ingredients were often left disappointed with the impact on their skin. Calling on her academic background and great affinity for nature, she immersed herself in researching alternative skincare options and soon realised that for every skin complaint, a natural, chemical-free remedy already existed.

Zane attended the Association of Cosmetic Scientists in London and the Formula Botanica Accredited Organic Skincare School’s course of natural cosmetics. Here, she rediscovered the many natural ingredients that heal, nourish, hydrate and soothe the skin.

A trip to Santorini, often considered the last vestige of the lost city of Atlantis, with its breathtaking blue Aegean waters, wild beauty, sun kissed ground and volcanic spirit, provided the inspiration for Atlantis Skincare.

Zane champions conscious sourcing and farm to face products, mantras which envelop a deep-seated belief that 100% natural skincare is only possible with pure, active ingredients, sustainably farmed, responsibly gathered and carefully combined by hand.

Today, Zane continues to immerse herself in the science of nature, soaking up knowledge, experimenting with efficient, effective and luxurious new formulas to develop products that restore serenity to the skin and soul, slow the ageing process and add a sense of pleasure to the everyday.

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We believe in the power of plants cherished by sun, earth, water and wind and their ability to protect, restore and improve the skin's natural beauty.

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