3 ways we help the planet at Atlantis Skincare

Sustainability is a word that you see everywhere nowadays. Yet it’s quite ambiguous and many wonder what it actually means.

In a way, sustainability is very subjective. In my case, I love everything simple. For me, sustainability is caring for my home, garden, city, country and the whole planet. It is a balance of protecting the environment from all kinds of pollution and harm. It shows up in the balance of my lifestyle.

I know it’s broad and a bit different for everyone, so let’s explore what it means to us at Atlantis Skincare. Our aim is to be as transparent as possible. I want to show you the real steps we are taking and where we are seeing space for improvement.

Sustainability in our Ingredients

Atlantis Skincare products contain high quality ingredients grown in family-owned farms.  The focus is on century-old methods and respecting nature. The land is fertile, as it is cared for and protected from quality loss with tried and tested methods from the past. The end result is full of goodness! After adding each ingredient to our skincare, you can see and feel the results. By using less product, you can still achieve the much desired results.

Sustainability in our Production Methods

  • We make our products by hand.
  • We only use machines where we can’t achieve results by mixing by hand.
  • We use the best professional and economical dishwasher in the market.
  • And most importantly, we only use it with a full load.
  • We use bicarbonate of soda instead of dishwasher tablets.  It’s also very helpful for cleaning our lab in combination with vinegar.
  • On top of this, some of our machines are mechanical or hand operated.

Sustainability in our Packaging

We use glass and paper for most of our packaging needs. Unfortunately, options in the market are still limited for the choice of closures for our packaging.  But we see some amazing improvements in packaging resources. My biggest hope is that soon we can also use much better materials for our packaging.

Our future plans include adding top up pouches for our skincare. At the moment there isn’t a sustainable enough choice of pouches in the market. We are keen to make this a reality though! If you know any sustainable suppliers, please let us know: info@atlantisskincare.com .

For our external packaging, we use paper boxes, tissue paper and paper bags. These protect our precious products on their way to you. The only thing we are still looking for is mailing bags without plastic bubble wrap. As with the pouches, we would love your input if you know of sustainable suppliers!

Sustainability is in every step of our production process

At the end of the production cycle, we always separate paper, plastic, rubbish and ingredients for compost as we did in the old days at my mum’s farm. Except that nowadays we have the exclusive opportunity to recycle paper and plastic.

Where possible we wash, disinfect and reuse glass packaging. This is as it is high quality and lasts for many uses.

In every step of the process, we try to think about nature. We channel our love for the planet. Our ultimate aim is to keep it clean and beautiful for many generations to come.


If you have any questions or suggestions about how we can improve our sustainability efforts, our inbox is open!


Lots of love,


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