5 ways to replace sugary snacks (and return to clear skin)

Did you know you can get a sugar addiction? This is especially true for artificial sweeteners and sugars. It is a chemical creating addiction in the same way nicotine, alcohol or drugs do.

The bond may not be so strong, but you still need a good 2 weeks to get rid of it.

Sugar is also one of the biggest enemies for your skin’s health and thank God we have so many amazing superfoods to replace artificially made sugar or sweeteners!

How do you replace sugary snacks and get rid of sugar addiction?

I will share my experience with you below, and hope that these tips will help you get your clear, healthy body and skin back!

Step 1: Clean your cupboards of cookies, sweets and cakes

When you crave sugar, anything that is made with it will be tempting to you. Realistically thinking, how big is the possibility that your willpower will be stronger than sugar?

From experience -verrrryyyyy low! So you need to get rid of temptations before you start your sugar detoxing journey.

The good news? You can leave one thing: dark chocolate. Yum!

Step 2: Stock up with healthy alternative snacks 

Your options are so varied here! Here are some great examples:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Dates
  • Your favorite fruits
  • Honey
  • Barley extract(full of beneficial vitamin B complex)
  • Snack vegetables like cucumber, carrot or anything of your choice.

Step 3: Plan your meals before heading out for grocery shopping

Plan your week of good, nourishing meals and purchase ingredients for these meals. Like this, you are sure you have everything at hand to cook and eat balanced foods so you don’t get hungry or tempted to go back to artificial sugars.

From my experience, soups and stews work very well as they last for all day and they fill us up, so we can keep going. Warm food also helps when you crave sugar!

Step 4: Find some recipes you love

Find recipes where you can use dates, fruits and oats or chia seeds. Some great examples are fruit ice cream dessert,  chia seed puddings or overnight oats. These recipes not only will give you healthy sugars, but also fiber, vitamins and minerals for your health and glowing skin.

Step 5: Purchase a selection of nuts and seeds

You can snack on them when you feel hungry or have sugar cravings if you have no time to cook. For me, they work very well if I want something in the evening.

Want to take the extra step?

I hope these steps will help you to get back your freedom from sugar, and I am sure these foods will give you energy and amazing skin!

To take the extra step in your detox journey this January, Atlantis Skincare invites you to our Skin Detox Challenge, which starts on 24 January 2022. Every day for 7 days, I will give you directions on food, lifestyle and skin care choices to detox and regain your healthy body after the winter celebrations. Click here to read all the details.

Looking forward to meeting you on 19 January!


Lots of love,



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