Along with good nutrition and skin care, fresh air and movements are essential to have healty and beautiful skin. There is no bad weather, but unsuitable clothing. So, dress properly and go out. Fresh air and movements enhance all body functions, warm us up, remove excess fluid, cleans and sharpens the mind, strengthens the immune system. The fresh air has the energy of life, vital for our body. Most of this energy is collected in the tops of mountains, under trees, near running water, especially near waterfalls and sea. We can’t climb the mountains and reach the sea every day, but we can wear shoes and go out wherever our nose shows. Even a daily half-hour walk will significantly improve your appearance and health! Walk barefoot, where it is possible – by the sea, in the countryside, garden etc. You will feel stronger and more balanced, receiving the energy of earth. Our feet have a lot of important points related to the internal organs. So walking without shoes will be a great massage not only for your feet. If you can not go out, open the windows to fresh air come in your room.  

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