Water…something so natural to us yet so important! Every cell,every organ in our body depends on water supplies!Our brain actually floats in liquid,but our skin- which is actually the biggest organ ,contains 64% of water.We have a system under the skin which holds our skin wrinkle free and supple. This system mostly contains water,collagen and elastin. If our body has not enough water it can’t perform at 100% and we start to experience signs of constipation,headaches,tiredness and many more. Usually dry mouth and bad breath already shows lack of water in the body,but it’s already a bit too late when you experience this sign.   But how do we drink more water?   If it is a hot summer day,it’s easy to drink water ,but when colder months arrive we start to struggle with the amount of water we can manage to consume. Fortunately,not only plain water counts but also cellular water, or water from fruits and vegetables counts towards your daily intake too!   So what counts as a healthy drink?   Water– the best is pure,filtered or mineral water.I also love a slice of lemon added to mine! Infused water-lets add peppermint leaves,cucumber slices,orange slices,berries,let your imagination run wild here! Herbal teas – you can choose herbs you love,like peppermint or herbs which also heal you if needed! Green tea – this is ultimately an anti aging tea, however if you can get good quality leaves you will also enjoy every sip!Double benefits of drinking green tea:) Freshly squeezed juices– The sky is your limit here,mix and match your fruits and greens in any way you love!This is also an immunity boosting drink because of the amount of vitamins ! Smoothies-same here!Run wild with your smoothies and add in your favourite fruits and vegetables:) Coconut water and plant based milks– They all contain water-mostly around 70-90% Homemade soups and broths – vegetable broth for vegans ,meat broths for others,both work very well!   Doctors are not very united in the precise amount of water you should actually drink ,but on average they all agree around 2 L per day. I believe you can check your urine and clearly see what’s happening in your body. Urine must be pale yellow,quite light to be honest. If you notice darker colours or bad smell, it’s time to drink more water. Alongside this you will begin to feel thirsty if your body is not receiving enough water- just listen to your body! Remember, water cleans our body from waste too so feel and love your body by caring for it.   If you want to learn more and ask questions please join my community ‘Healthy aging academy’ on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/494749578083116   Feel good and happy drinking!   With love,   Zane

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