Vitamin C – Such an important vitamin for our bodies and skin! Benefits of Vitamin C for skin starts with collagen formation – key to supple, glowing healthy skin. Collagen is building block of under skin support system and without collagen our skin wrinkles, becomes thin and ageing signs become more visible. Also, Vitamin C takes a part in wound healing, keeps skin healthy and protects it from UV light damage. And it is a powerful antioxidant! Free radicals have been created in our bodies when we are in sunlight, polluted areas or eating junk food as a result of oxidation and they freely hunting for healthy cells to attack. This is where antioxidants step in and sacrifice themselves to free radicals, so healthy cells are not attacked. This is a very important process for slowing down aging process. As you see we can’t live without our daily dose of vitamin C skin care or foods! Of course, you can eat lots of vitamin C with your fruits and vegetables, but benefits of vitamin C also come from skincare that contains it, that way we can use it for more targeted delivery.   So how to get glowing skin with vitamin C?   Most natural way is to use oils that contain natural form of vitamin C. Also, these oils mostly come from sustainable source -win win situation, isn’t? Just to name a few- Black currant seed oil Blackberry seed oil Blueberry seed oil Buriti oil Kiwi seed oil Marula oil Passion fruit oil Rosehip seed oil Sea Buckthorn pulp  oil. Search for vitamin C serums  with these oils and enjoy glowing skin! And its not only face you can apply Vitamin C oils on-whole body will benefit from Vitamin C skin care! Hope this helped you?Love your skin! With loads of love, Zane

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