Break the stereotypes about being 50+ and restart enjoying your life!

When I was a kid, I remember thinking of people over 40. For me they looked so old, almost like their lives were over.

How far I was from the truth: at 50 our life is just starting!

Our kids become adults and our lives change. We can invest more time in ourselves. We can ,of course, continue to live life as we did before, but where will we end up?

How long can you enjoy your days before stiffness, pain and illnesses start?

It’s never too late to change your lifestyle – whether you’re in your 40s, 50s or 70s. But of course, the later you start, the less significant your results will be.

However, adding more activities and movement is always very beneficial. If you have the willpower to build up your strength and improve your flexibility, you can still achieve great results at any age.

Why is our society conditioned to think of us over 50s like we are not good enough anymore?

It’s actually the total opposite: we have experience and wisdom. We take life as it is, without fuss. We are very real. We can predict things thanks to our life experience, and we have way more patience in stressful situations.

In the old times, older people were very well respected in communities, and for a good reason.On top of everything mentioned above, they were also the teachers for the new generations, they were passing skills from their life experience to children, telling fairy tales and songs. It was how valuable skills of medicinal plants, foods and life lessons were passed from generation to generation. They were also listeners and helpers if needed.


Most importantly, they kept families and communities together. Something much needed in the modern world.

The world is a bit different these days, but the basics are the same. We need strong families for our kids and grandkids to feel safe and protected, and we need support from our parents just like our kids need our support. And who can better pass messages from grand-grand-grand mothers to grand-grand kids as we keep family bonds in the future?

I also love traveling around the world and learning about different cultures and countries. In most cases, this is a time when we have more time and money to travel, but when we have no energy or worse – poor health. As a result, we can’t enjoy this part of life.

You see how many angles are included in a life that is full of energy and love. Families, kids, friends – they all are part of our journey and it’s much more fun when we have a body and soul that is happy and a body that can support our mind’s wishes.

I strongly believe in a reversed aging process, as I see it in my own experience and in many of my clients who changed their food and lifestyle experience.

If you want to enjoy your pro aging adventure, join me in my Facebook Healthy Aging Academy and through Atlantis Skincare. Take the first step today towards a healthier, happier you for many years to come!





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