Autumn always arrives with so many great things – loads of fresh fruits and vegetables, Indian summer and great memories from one’s summer holiday. However, there is one thing we don’t like to bring into Fall – and it is the skin and hair damage from the sun. Autumn is a great time to balance out our dry skin before the dry air of central heating kicks in. I take dry skin care as a complex plan of action as glowing skin is the result of several factors. First of all, it is the food we eat, and to correct your menu is fairly easy. Add some fresh fruit and vegetables, top it with great oil and sprinkle with a bit of raw nuts and seeds. Next step is to adjust the skincare routine.This is a bit more complicated as to change your  food choices. Dry skin needs vitamin E rich foods, loads of vitamin C and good quality dry skin care. If you have dry skin, your skincare routine should be built around your skin’s needs- starting from cleaning your face  to using the right creams and masks. 1.Cleaning Ingredients to avoid – soap and any cleanser with alcohol. Cleansers to look forcleansing milk, oils, by-phase cleaners, foaming cleansers, lotions based on plant ingredients.   2.Moisturising Dry skin care to look for oils, serums, creams for dry skin/also with anti-aging ingredients. Must have-Hyaluronic acid. Do not forget night care -nourishing and regenerating.   3.Gentle exfoliating Avoid any harsh exfoliator. You can make your own with: lemon juice: coffee grinds: honey 1:1:1 or choose mild ready made ones, can be with AHAs these also stimulate collagen production and act as anti-aging ingredient.   4.Use rejuvenating masks with nourishing effect.   5.Always use great body oil filled with vitamin E before and after sun baths. Your skin care routine is key to glowing healthy skin. Enjoy your selfcare moments! With love, Zane    

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