Founder’s Story: My path to enjoying ageing

In our previous blog post, I told you a bit about my journey with aging. It was not straight forward and it will never be. I am human and I love some not so healthy food, too and time after time I am sooo lazy! As I believe we all are every now and then.

For me, the most important part was to find the things I love doing. 

I am looking forward to them each time. I also love the feeling afterwards, like in the case of my exercise classes or swimming in cold water.

After tennis, I tried dancing. I loved it, but it was not a lasting project unfortunately. It was too far from home. Maybe I can manage to find dancing classes somewhere closer, as I would love to do it again.

I also love swimming in all the different ways: swimming pool, river, sea or lakes – they’re all so great to me!


The biggest challenge was and still is: exercise classes.

I joined Les Mills Online platform and I really enjoyed the hard work in Body Pump. Core is hard, but so much needed and Body Balance too.

I am always having this inner battle to pick myself up and go and do it. But afterwards, the feeling of achievement and happiness feels like bliss. I love it, and this is the reason why I keep going.

I dropped off this programme several times over the years, but I always get back to it.


Another challenge is doing 10 000 steps a day.

Just like with Les Mills, it’s so difficult to start, but the feeling during and after is amazing.The only downside is that it takes loads of time. But again – I always return to this as part of my lifestyle.

All these activities give me tons of energy, I feel young and flexible despite my weight and honestly, I don’t care how many kg I am at. As long as I feel good!

In the spring this year I started some morning exercises in combination with lymphatic massage and head massage. My hair started to grow like crazy and my body felt flexible and ready to go. On top of it, my mind was sharp and clear. Such an enjoyment! And all from only 10-15 minutes in the morning!

I hate being ill, having pains or headaches and I can’t function on such days. So for me, being full of energy and having a clear mind means I can work, create and teach with passion and joy.

I think feeling physically alive and full of energy lets us enjoy every day and every activity we do. From work, to cooking and spending time with family and friends. Energy flows, and so does our life and we simply find the point of balance, bliss and love.


Wishing you bliss and love,



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