Atlantis Skincare

Gift Set For Dry/Dehydrated Skin

In each set, you’ll receive:

1 x Atlantis Skincare Velvet Skin Serum (30ml)
1 x Atlantis Skincare Glowing Skin Cleansing Milk (100ml)
1 x Atlantis Skincare Glowing Skin Toner (100ml)
1 x Atlantis Skincare Eye Cream With Hyaluronic Acid (15ml)
1 x Atlantis Skincare Glowing Skin Day Cream (50ml)

All products are nestled together in a beautiful Atlantis Skincare gift box. Ideal to give as a unique gift for friends, family, or anyone who values natural skincare solutions.

1 set


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Atlantis Skincare Velvet Skin Serum

Atlantis Skincare’s Velvet Skin Serum is a hydrating, oil-based serum that consists of a unique, hand-selected blend of delicate, silky and glossy natural oils to make the skin feel truly pampered and wonderfully hydrated.

A pure treat for parched skin, our exclusive formula, which is handmade in the Atlantis Skincare lab, transforms dry and flakey skin into a soft, supple canvas that looks just as healthy and strong when ‘au naturale’ as it does underneath makeup.

Atlantis Skincare Glowing Skin Cleansing Milk

The Glowing Skin Cleansing Milk is part of our exciting, 100% natural glowing skin range, and forms the first step in your new daily skincare routine. Handmade here in our environmentally-friendly Atlantis Skincare lab, this invigorating cleansing milk is suitable for all skin types, and works to clean and refresh your skin, providing you with a smooth, clear canvas.

Our gentle, naturally-derived formula powerfully removes dirt, makeup, and other impurities from the skin which can clog pores, cause dehydration, and leave your face looking dull and tired. By effectively and efficiently removing these impurities, our Glowing Skin Cleansing Milk will effortlessly restore your natural, gorgeous glow.

Atlantis Skincare Glowing Skin Toner

Our Glowing Skin Toner is a mild, cool and gentle toner bursting with fresh ingredients to breathe new life into tired or dull skin. Suitable for all skin types, and especially suited for more mature skin, this universal toner can be used by anyone who feels that their skin would benefit from a powerful, refreshing boost. It delivers an invigorating mix of oils, extracts and juices to hydrate, soothe and replenish.

Atlantis Skincare Eye Cream With Hyaluronic Acid

The Atlantis Skincare Eye Cream with Hyaluronic Acid has been designed and developed right here at the Atlantis Skincare lab to solve one of the biggest frustrations for our clients: caring for and protecting some of the more delicate areas of the skin. The skin around the eyes can sometimes be a little more sensitive than the rest of the face, which meant that we were tasked with creating a very mild, very lightweight formula that was still packed full of skin-boosting nutrients to deliver expert results.

Atlantis Skincare Glowing Skin Day Cream

The Atlantis Skincare Glowing Skin Day Cream contains everything your skin needs to help it look and feel fresh, clean and beautifully hydrated all day long. A unique combination of 100% natural ingredients comes together to minimise some of the most common signs of aging, deliver a dose of moisturise and deliver an intense nutrient boost to nourish the skin and care for it throughout the day. Designed, developed and created just for you here in our lab.

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