How our natural skincare came to life

Since I was a child, I have been interested in plants. I loved collecting herbs for teas, later I was looking for plants I could dry and use in floral arrangements. My biggest love is flowers, as they are a combination of colour, aroma and beauty.

Later in my life, when I was involved in the beauty business, I started to notice that people keep searching for miracle creams. I realised they can’t find a product serving their needs.

The next question came up in my mind: what’s inside all those beautiful tubes and jars?

When someone steps on the path of investigation and learning, there is no way back, as it shows the full picture of the industry.

I realised how marketing driven it is and actually, no real long term results for your skin! So I was thinking how to make natural skincare using all these amazing plants around us. There’s such an abundance of sustainable materials around us!


I bought some books, but couldn’t find any answers.

One day my friend, who is a beauty therapist, invited me to the Making Cosmetics exhibition in England. I felt it might give me some ideas. We arrived at the exhibition and my jaw dropped to a professional level. I was walking down the isles and a lady stepped in my way and offered me a training course. All she needed was a background in chemistry. With my degree in agriculture, this was not a problem, so I jumped in straight away!

It was very scientific, chemical based ingredient training which I didn’t enjoy at all. After 1,5 years of training I didn’t feel I am fitting in so I stopped just before final exams.


The best decision!! Within days, my friend sent me a new online school: Formula Botanica.

All about natural skincare. It was a joy of learning. I was studying like crazy! It was exactly what I needed!! Spot on!

So in a short time I went through all the training possible, but to finish I needed to make some skincare products. So why not make something for my dry, aging skin?

I spent hours studying different plants and their benefits to skin. Only the best was left on my list after days of research.


This is how Atlantis Skincare was born.

Out of passion for plants and nature, and out of passion to create something effective, but natural and safe.

So how did the name and logo of the brand come to life?

I was thinking about something else at the start. I was in a retreat in beautiful Santorini and I was sitting in the sun and meditating. It was a very nice, gentle but warm end of season and I dreamed away.

When I woke up I had a name, logo, colours for my brand, a list of products: everything ready to go.

I came home and asked my friend to design a logo for this new brand and to my big surprise she got the same idea of the logo as I did. I don’t believe in accidents in our lives, everything is a chain of events leading to a result.

In my case, the result is Atlantis Skincare, my youngest baby. Full of plant energy and my passion and love for them.


Made specially for you, fresh, in small batches in the beautiful countryside of Somerset in the farm holding the myth of the Green Giant.

Can you feel the energy of Atlantis Skincare?

Love you,


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