How to feel confident in your own skin over 50

Feeling confident in your own skin isn’t always about the skin itself, is it?

Sometimes you may wake up in a bad mood or lose confidence after some events or circumstances around you. The key is to notice these changes in your mood. After that, you can decide to take the necessary steps to return to inner balance.


First of all, let’s focus on positive thinking. Working on it and using it every day can turn your situation around. Positivity brings joy, humour, smiles and laughter. All are great companions even in the most difficult times.

It did work for me – in my most difficult times, it was the last straw to grab as a rescuer and it helped so much!


In combination with gratitude, it also brings in positive changes and miracles.

My husband is an amazing intelligent joker. He always brings in jokes when the energy is low and all you want is to drop everything and run away. Then, we both start to laugh and the dark energies disappear. Hope is back in the room. It was one of  the qualities I loved in him from day one. And still do!


Sometimes I am so nervous or angry, even my husband can’t help with his jokes. But he knows the power of music. A great piece of classical music or rock music from my childhood, it slowly but surely lifts my mood. It makes me feel happy and confident again.


A logical next step towards self confidence is a great partner who supports you when you feel down. It doesn’t matter if it is your life partner, friend or daughter. It must be someone you can trust and who will support you in moments when you lose your confidence. A good support system can be what gives you that extra push you need!


We are wiser as we age, but we are never unstoppable or untouchable. Everyone still has days when we lose our confidence, joy and feel sad. But it is so important to keep your positivity toolkit nearby. Like this, you’ll be able to return to balance, feel confident again and enjoy your life.


Many hugs,


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