You are probably rising your eyebrow and asking straight away-what is inflammaging? And I understand you! This is new term of aging as a result of low-level chronic inflammation in our bodies. This process results in conditions like acne, eczema, arthritis, food sensitivities and Chron’s disease. As a result, our aging process goes on with full speed and we start feeling discomfort in our bodies.   You probably are interested in finding out what is causing such a nightmare? First of all refined carbohydrates like sugar, white bread, white paste, cookies etc., also Trans fatty acids like margarin, fried processed and junk food. So, is it any anti-aging solution to how to reverse aging damage done to our body? Yes, it is and its very simple- change your food choices to Fruits Vegetables Fish and seafood Omega 3 foods Raw nuts and seeds. It is very difficult to change everything in one day but I have some tips and tricks how to do it easier.   5 easy stept to healthy aging: 1.Plan your meals one week forward and adjust your shopping list 2.Go for shopping on full stomach. 3.Start with making changes to one meal time at the time -for example breakfast. 4.Add fruits and vegetables to your list and check do you have green, red, blue and yellow colour added? 5.Learn more how to eat new additions and have fun! Healthy aging is your choice and lifestyle and it’s your decision to be healthy and feel great. Invest time learning more about anti-aging foods and anti-aging products, step by step change your habits and have fun every day! And most importantly-have loads of fun- ask your friends to join or start a competiton on best new recipe:) Please share to your friends and feel free to ask questions! With love, Zane

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