60.min 1:1 private consultation with founder Zane Bermaka



  • We will take a look at your food choices and adjust based on your skin problems,
  • We will take a look at your skin needs and current skincare routine and adjust it,
  • We will also analyze other external and internal factors that might be drying out your skin.

It is an amazing opportunity to get real time guidance from me on your lifestyle and nutritional changes and also understand where you are at the moment.

You will also get:

  • Atlantis Skincare products worth up to £275
  • Glowing skin creation toolkit to tackle dry skin
  • Food for beauty: dry skin’ webinar
  • My e-book: Rejuvenate your skin naturally

I have a Masters Degree in Agriculture and Gardening, which is helpful to understand plants and the processes that take place in nature. Besides this, I hold a variety of qualifications which bring substantial value to my expertise:
– Graduate of Formula Botanica
– Trained by the Robert Tisserand Institute (Essential Oils)
– Qualified Facelift Diet Coach at the Academy of Beauty Nutrition
– Professional Perfumer Diploma.


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