Why ‘water’ is NOT just ‘water’ in Skincare.

Water is something we use without thinking. It was here before us, and will be after we are not too. We’re surrounded by it and we cannot live without it.

Water is life. Everything starts with it: seeds, plants, babies and animals. So much so that we tend to take it for granted.

Have you ever thought of it as a substance that carries information?

Water has the ability to hold and pass on the energetic vibration of information.

Japanese scientist Masuru Emoto discovered this ability of water by simply talking to it, when freezing it and investigating water crystals afterwards. His discovery showed beautiful shapes of crystals in the water that received loving attention and horrible, ugly ones in the water that received hate.

What can we learn from these experiments?

Everything containing water holds an energy message.

If you cook dinner for your family and you are angry, you are passing your anger to your family.

If you are using factory made skincare where workers might hate their job and most jobs are done by machines, in the best scenario you have no vibration at all. In the worst case scenario – your skincare actually holds negative energy.

If we hate the job we do, we also charge everything with water around us: including ourselves!

This is yet another reason to choose natural and handmade products, made with love and care.

Handmade is another level of everything: food, skincare, clothes or shoes. It holds the love and passion for what we do, what we create and for everyone involved in the process.

How we implement this at Atlantis Skincare

When we make our skin care products in our laboratory, we always have inspirational music on and sometimes we even sing along. Sometimes I concentrate on making my creams so deeply that it feels like meditation.

I am thinking of each plant I am adding as an ingredient and measuring temperatures to make sure these amazing ingredients are still alive in the jar when I finish making the products. I am always left feeling thankful to Mother Earth and for everything we have thanks to it.

All these thoughts and energy go into our Atlantis Skincare creams and serums as their energetic vibration. Some of my psychic friends even felt this energy from the first time they saw Atlantis Skincare!

I am sure my colleagues who own other artisan skincare companies also invest huge energy, passion and love in their products if they are made by hand.

Think of water in everything you use in your daily life.

Starting from the food you eat, imagine the sun shining on the apples or lemons before they traveled to your table. Compare that with the energetic vibration of ready made food from the factories.

It could encourage you to do more cooking at home and send love to your morning coffee, or the cup of hot chocolate for your child. It can build up day after day: just imagine the amazing ripple effects it can create!

It will mirror back to you through better relationships in the family, more support for each other and better health creating more and more positive, loving energy around the world.


Remember this next time when you hold a glass of water: simply whisper I love you. And it will love you back.


Lots of love to you!

Zane Bermaka

Atlantis Skincare Founder


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