3 easy ways to boost your energy as you get older.

When we are growing older and wiser, we also lose part of our energy. Sometimes we feel we need an afternoon nap, or we try to boost our energy by eating some sweets or drinking coffee.

A nap by itself is a great way to restore energy levels! However, sweets and coffee are nothing exciting for our health or as a solution for our problems.

But how about solving this problem in an easy, cheap, healthy and fun way?

These 3 ways not only boost your energy, but they will also improve your health and you will feel more confident. You’ll be able to do so much more! Sounds great? Let’s dive in!

  • Keep active!

As you get older, it can be easy to slow down and slip into the habit of having a mostly inactive life. Your physical activity levels get lower and lower, which as a consequence, makes your energy levels drop significantly.

It’s a big mistake!

Staying active means life: while we are active and making our heart pump with more strength, our intestine gets a very gentle massage and it keeps things moving. An active, healthy intestine means a lot and it’s detrimental to healthy hormone production, healthy levels of bacteria and normal absorption of vitamins and minerals. So much is needed all the time, but it’s twice as important when we are getting older.

Keeping an active lifestyle also improves the blood supply to every corner of your body. Blood is life and if it flows as it should, your body will have less pains and aches. The same applies to the energy flow in the body!

Your blood also supplies everything needed to produce collagen and you will know from my previous articles just how important it is for our skin, joints and tissues and their regeneration.

Last but not least, activities maintain lean muscles! The last thing you want is to lose your muscle mass. Muscles eat more calories than fat tissues, and having muscle mass keeps you lean for longer!

This is crucial if you want to feel good and have loads of energy. All the body nerves come together in your back and any blockages create pains and problems around the body. On top of it all, you will get headaches and have very low energy levels.

Having chiropractic treatments on a regular basis gives you a pain free life. Most importantly, it will make you feel good, for longer.

That matters a lot for your overall life quality, don’t you think?

  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables!

This is the fountain of youth and beautiful skin. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant actives help your body to fight the ageing process, your digestion system to function like you’re 21 and your skin to glow like 20 years ago.

Aim to ‘eat the rainbow’. Include as much variety as possible so you can make sure you get all the goodness that is out there for you.

We tend to think of aging as something we can’t skip. It starts after 45 and comes with pains, aches and unhappiness.

Let’s turn it around and invest back in our body to be happy, love our life and enjoy it as long as we can!


Today, take a moment to celebrate your age and life!


Happy aging,



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