How To Get Your Healthy Daily Dose of Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a vital role in our body starting from  boosting your immunity till taking part in collagen production in the body. So very important vitamins! It’s also is one of the main antioxidants and protects the body from premature aging.This is important fact if we talking about glowing,healthy skin and high energy levels.These are factors showing how healthy we are and also letting us to live amazing active and fulfilled life free of aches,pains and illnesses. Some time ago we thought it is enough to eat 75mg of Vitamin C a day but now scientists think we need much more of this amazing vitamin and the new number is around 200mg a day.   It’s nearly 3 times more than we were thinking!Big difference! Also we should remember- vitamin C does not harm our body in large doses and any extra vitamin C we can’t use actually leaves our body with no problem! I guess your next question is-how to eat your daily dose of vitamin C?  

Of course the best source is fresh fruit and vegetables.

The most popular group of fruits are citruses-they are our winter favorites-easy to buy and great on price! Let’s dive in how much vitamin C actually is in them? Lemon- 100gr peeled lemon contains 53 mg of vitamin C. 1 medium lemon is approx.50gr so it contains 26-27 mg of vitamin C. Oranges 100 gr oranges contains  52,3 mg of vitamin C I large orange is 180-190 gr and contains around 100mg of vitamin C Clementines 1 fruit 75gr contains 36mg of vitamin C

Other fruits

Pineapple 1 medium slice approximately 84 gr(whole fruit around 900gr)contains 40mg of vitamin C Pomegranate 1 fruit is approximately 300gr  and contains 31mg of vitamin C Apple 1 medium apple is 180 gr and contains approx 10mg of vitamin C. Kiwi 1 fruit is around 70gr and contains 64mg of vitamin C Cranberries 100gr of berries contains 14gr of vitamin C


Broccoli 100gr contains 89 mg of vitamin C. Cauliflower 100gr contains 48 mg of vitamin C Red peppers 100gr contains 127 mg of vitamin C 1 medium pepper is 130gr Tomatoes 100 gr contains 16mg of Vitamin C One medium size tomato is 123 gr Spinach 100gr spinach contains 28mg of vitamin C   If you eat fresh fruit and vegetables you are getting enough vitamin C every day to keep your skin healthy and vibrant,but if you mostly eat processed food,you can’t get a daily dose of 200mg. I am a great believer of natural sources if any vitamin and mineral but in case of vitamin C its not only easy to absorb but also so vibrant food.Its also delivers you a bunch of other plant based anti aging ingredients like plant phenols,fiber etc to keep your body in balance.   Happy vitamin C hunting:) With love, Zane   PS.If you want to learn more about tips and tricks of healthy aging-please join Healthy Aging Academy on Facebook or our Youtube channel Healthy Aging Academy.  

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