Atlantis Skincare was born from love and respect to nature.

With all the abundance of plants and materials from Planet Earth, it’s incredible how many people are still using lifeless ingredients to create skincare products. These lack energy and soul and are not delivering any benefits to us, in fact many times they are harmful.

We decided to go back to the roots and take the most amazing and effective natural ingredients for our products. We use them in energetically rich skincare that delivers life-changing results to claim back our confidence and beautiful glowing skin at any age.

Our client is a woman who knows her value and she is correct: this is the time to shine your light and become a Goddess, to feel at peace with your body, mind and soul!

This is time to enjoy your life, to say NO to activities you don’t enjoy and to care for your body on all levels.


Our skincare is like meditation

The process starts when you open our jars and bottles and smell the amazing, calming aroma of melissa plant! It is uplifting and at the same time soothing, perfect for the start of your enriching self-care journey.

The full process will leave your skin fresh and glowing. The aromas from our Day Cream will wake you up with a coffee butter aroma, while the Night Elixir will ask you to connect with planet Earth and have a deep, refreshing sleep while your skin regenerates and gets nourished.


These words are coming from our happy customer Amy from Canada:

I have had the luxurious pleasure to have tried this most amazing skin care and it is fantastic!

I have been using it for about 3 weeks and my skin feels amazing. Dewy, smooth, glowing, radiant – these are not my words – these are words of my friends that haven’t seen me for a while!


We specialize in helping to turn your dry, aging, saggy skin into dewy, glowing and soft so you can feel beautiful, confident and enjoy your life fully.


Here are the 4 ways we help our customers enjoy the aging process:


  1. Our products are formulated especially for dry and aging skin, which means that your worries can be put to sleep with regards to having quality skincare that actually tackles your specific problems.
  2. We encourage using our products as part of a wider routine, which involves lots of pampering and taking care of your skin in a pleasant, enjoyable way. Thinking about those relaxing 15 minutes while waiting for your clay mask to work its magic!
  3. Our transaction doesn’t end at the check-out! We want to support every customer’s healthy and enjoyable aging journey in the long term, so we provide buckets of tips and knowledge about everything surrounding healthy aging on our Social Media and weekly blog posts. Everything is less stressful to manage if you have all the information you need one click away!
  4. We encourage you to share your journey with us and ask your burning questions, while connecting with other like-minded people who are going through the same challenges as you are. Our Founder Zane is always open for a chat, and she has created the Healthy Aging Academy community on Facebook with lots of love for everyone to support each other and enjoy the process.


The best part of it all is that the last two benefits are completely free, so you can join the fun right now if you need more support to achieve your skincare and healthy aging goals.


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