An insight into soul searching and aging…

Do you know this feeling of being in the right place at the right time?

When you feel the energy flowing and your heart is feeling love and gratitude?

I love this feeling!

In such moments, time disappears. I feel like eternal light and no time or age frame applies for me. The date in my passport is just a date in my passport.

Do you remember feeling like this when you were 20? No, not me.


Up to our 30s,

we learn practical skills,also going to school, sometimes several institutions.

We learn how to drive, how to cook, how to be an adult, how to start relationships, how to start a family….so many things! But they are all practical survival kits, nothing more.

I was building a business with the idea to earn money, buy a house, a car etc. I loved books, but mostly I was very practical and money was very important for me. They still are, but in different ways.


After 30,

my life started to teach me lessons for my soul’s growth. They were tough. VERY TOUGH.

For some time I felt like a victim-why me? Why do others have an easy life, but not me? Why did all these bad things happen to me?

I searched for answers in books. I read tons of books, literally, can read one full book in one evening.

Answers started to come one by one: some of them I got straight away, some-only years later.

But it was my way to spiritual enlightenment. Without these life lessons nothing would have changed.

The more I learned, the more difficult it became.:) It’s like a computer game: each next level is more difficult than before. You go in rounds until you learn and move forward – and it’s the same in life!


After reaching 40 years of age

I started to realise how perfectly planned my life path actually was. Every single thing I learned actually led me to the next step in my development. And so on.

Now I learnt to accept life as it is and look for the lessons that hard situations actually give me.


50 is a very interesting number.

It’s like a border between amazing, wise women who see their value and want to live life according to her soul’s calling and women who are still learning and looking for breadcrumbs to find the way.

Life lessons do not stop here.Not at all: I am still learning! But my understanding changed – I accept them now, as I know where they lead me.

I also value my time and want to do more of the work my soul came to do here on this beautiful planet. I am grateful for every day, for every person on my way and for my family.

How about you? What was your soul’s journey? What do you feel grateful for?

Love you,


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