Healthy eating is the base of our health. Every cell in our body is built based on the food we eat and not providing our body with enough vitamins and minerals can lead to problems such as  illnesses if such eating habits continue long term. Also, luck of vitamins-antioxidants allows free radicals to attack healthy cells and damage them. As a result, we are aging much quicker and this shows on our skin very clearly. A very important factor is a balance between Omega fatty acids and long term disbalance. Which creates long-term low-level inflammation or in other words ‘inflammaging’ or cell rusting. This condition shows off as autoimmune diseases, eczema, arthritis and many more annoying problems. And I only scratched the surface with problems arising from long term deficit of minerals and vitamins.   How to eat healthy you would ask? It’s easy but at the same time you need the patience to learn new ways of choosing food, overcoming habits (this is the most difficult one!) and a bit of planning at the start. Healthy foods and healthy snacks can be very tasty despite common ideas of healthy foods being bland and boring. Also, you will be able to have ‘going wild’ days where you can eat all the junk food you want. As it will not harm your body as much, as long as you eat lots of antioxidants afterwards to help your body reduce the harmful effects of junk food.     I can sum it all in one word- balance! 1.Plan your meals forward and always go shopping with a list. Add fruits and vegetables you never used and try to find new exciting recipes to try them in. 2.Have all 4 colours on your plate-green, orange/yellow, red and blue/purple. Colours mean vitamins and minerals! 3.Find the app which counts vitamins and minerals-and count your foods for 3 days. This will enable you to see where you missing vitamins and minerals, so that it’s easier for you to understand where you are and where you go? I would recommend Please read more about Vitamin E benefits here:
Vitamin E functions and benefits in food.
4.Try to exchange empty calories to calories with added value. For example, exchange a slice of white bread for 2-3 different fruits. You will see such a big difference on your skin within 30 days-believe me! And the stomach will still be full. 5.The best you can do for your body, waistline and skin – is to learn to eat salads for dinner. There are so many amazing recipes for salad-I will soon share my favourite recipes on our Youtube channel and Facebook group -search for Healthy Aging Academy to find out more, it’s free and full of great ideas on how you can improve your life and diet. 6.Leave a 12-hour gap between your last and first meal so your body can have time to properly digest your food and rest a bit in order to be ready for another hard work day! 7.Practise mindfulness when you eat-chew every bite with gratitude to Mother Earth and enjoy the taste of it. It’s also good to chew every bite for at least 30 times so it’s mixed with saliva and enzymes in it .Your stomach will be thankful and you will begin to eat less-it’s for sure!   If you are living a stressful lifestyle, then try this product before going to bed-simply spray on pillow case and zzzzz: Please join our healthy aging academy Facebook group to learn more: Enjoy your food and be full of energy! With love, Zane

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