Low energy, feeling tired, can’t sleep at night, hot flashes, dry skin, wrinkles, sagging skin? These are all symptoms we are starting to experience sooner or later in our life’s. For some women it starts just after 40 years of age, for some around 50. But most of us think it’s an unavoidable part of life, and we take it as a part of aging without thinking twice. Why am I always tired and have no energy you would ask?   Why do we start looking and feeling old? Imagine our life- loads of sitting down, very little time spent in nature, we eat without thinking how good of quality our food actually is and experience stress during every step of our life. We drink alcohol, smoke, take tablets and think of Hollywood actresses as something special. But it’s not true! Scientists more and more speak of the aging process as something possible to reverse or slow down. However, only 5-10% of aging depends on our genes, all other factors depend on our lifestyle choices and environment. So there is a way to feel good at 40+! Speaking in easy language-its in our own hands! Great news, isn’t it?   Ready to change? Wondering how to gain more energy? I am here to help you. But where to start you would ask? First of all , be ready for long term improvements-this is not a quick fix situation. Secondly, take small steps with small changes every week – this is a wise way to implement new habits in your life and to avoid our body’s resistance. Body and mind will react any way, it’s just unavoidable but you can be ready and well equipped to be able withstand this battle? I would recommend 3 main areas where you can start to make key improvements and changes in order to get results: Food Food is our beauty and energy inside out. We are what we eat and this is good news as it is easy to improve and results will begin to show on your face/skin within 30 days. These changes come with great fresh tastes and easy, quick recipes to learn and repeat from day to day. I am teaching more about food for beauty and wellness in my Facebook group Healthy Aging Academy, it’s a free group and you are welcome to join. This is a huge and endless topic that can’t be squeezed in one small blog post. Movement Start with small activities every day-like walking for 20 minutes and slowly adding more and more time. Also, take the time to consider what kind of sport activities would give you joy and satisfaction. It can be something you already know or maybe it’s time to try out something new? By finding something you enjoy and love you will find it alot easier to get moving. This is how I found tennis – my youngest son was crying to start tennis training and I was watching and watching and watching him and found myself falling in love with the sport! I started training at the age of 45, and found it a really great way to get in cardio? Sleep To be honest everyday activities (especially those that make you sweat!) sort this problem out very quickly! I was having sleepless nights, and felt terribly tired all the time. When my friend asked me to join her training sessions, as she started a new group locally and wanted some support. Soon I noticed I was sleeping like a baby. As stress is worked out, nerves are calm and all my body wanted to do is to recover after a sports session… However, as soon as I stopped the active lifestyle, my sleeping problems returned…. Thought to think about! I also use this product to help me sleep, I initially made it for my grandchild to help her mind to calm down and to help her drift off into a peaceful sleep- https://www.vauvanatural.com/product/natural-room-spray/ It is possible to return your energy levels, have glowing healthy skin and work on wrinkles and to do all this in a natural, nontoxic way! To find out how then keep following my work and I will reveal all these secrets to you step by step! To learn more on how to be healthy and help boost your immune system then please read the following blog post: https://www.atlantisskincare.com/how-to-boost-immune-system-and-feel-amazing/ If you want to learn more about how to feel and look young at 40+,please join my facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/494749578083116 With Love, Zane

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