Boost your mood this February with Atlantis Skincare!

Another week, another idea for self care February for you!

I bet you heard of the therapeutic qualities of essential oils. Have you ever used them as a self care tool?

I love everything coming from plants, as they have everything we need. Whether it’s plant water, herbal tea or essential oils, we can find something to solve most of our skin, body and mood issues.

My journey with plants as problem solvers

When I started my natural skincare formulator journey, I wanted to create products where every ingredient fits the purpose. My formulation tactics always have your problem as a basement to build the formulation on. I also used my own life experience to recall problems I had over the years and how I solved them.

One of the ongoing themes for me was always working on full steam and burning out time after time. Knowing the busy lives we are having in the modern world, I guess you also have moments when you are down. It doesn matter if you are a busy mum or a grandma, a business owner or building your career. We all need support and emotional health to be able to manage our day to day duties.

How I infused these beliefs into our Atlantis Skincare products

Atlantis Skincare’s luxury product line is built not only to sort out your skincare needs. Every product also contains Melissa (Melissa officinalis) essential oil.

Why Melissa you would ask?

Melissa essential oil is a fragrant plant growing around many parts of the world. Its essential oil has uplifting and calming properties.

The Melissa essential oil:

  • Is an antidepressant
  • Balances your menstrual flow
  • Eases your menstrual cramps and pains
  • Calms your nervous system and migraines
  • Calms anxiety
  • Helps nervous exhaustion
  • Combats insomnia.

It is truly every woman’s little helper. You can find it in our Cleansing Milk,Toner, Day Cream, Night Elixir and Eye Cream. It smells fresh and every time you apply your Atlantis Skincare products, you get your uplifting dose of freshness and wellbeing.

Melissa oil is a very luxurious oil, our very own coming from small family owned farms in France or Bulgaria, where these plants are having the best conditions of growing. This means the end product is of truly magnificent and efficient quality.


Looking for ways to uplift your mood and be ready to achieve more in time for spring time?

Choose our products with Melissa oil!





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