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Winter, with all its darkness, cold and long evenings, used to be a time for hibernation, not only in nature but also in the lifestyle of our ancestors. We used to use this time to go inside and meditate, without knowing we were meditating. It’s well known that crafty activities like knitting or wood work is work that lets you concentrate, lose yourself into it and let go of all other thoughts. This creates the same safe space in your head as meditation does.

Winter was also the time to summarize everything that’s done in summer and plan our next active year.

In our modern lifestyle, everything is turned upside down.

We work like crazy in winter so we can enjoy summer time in full. As a result, we have no time to go inside and feel the desires of our soul. Often this leads to burning all your reserves, making you feel empty, burnt out and tired.

Don’t wait around for this moment to arrive!

By taking care of your emotional needs on a regular basis, you can not only avoid burning out, but actually reach inner balance and happiness. Regular self care is part of a healthy, modern lifestyle to support not only your emotional needs, but also to take care of our physical body.

Something you can do today

Regular home treatments are times when you can relax, meditate, ask your inner questions or connect with the unlimited universal love. How about a blissful moment, nourishing your skin, body and mind?

We created our Atlantis Skincare Two – Part Face Mask for you to use as a part of your weekly self care treatment. This mask doesn’t only allow you to be with yourself for 20 minutes, but it also smells like a meadow and creates amazing results for your skin.

This two – part face mask exfoliates your skin and cleanses and reduces the size of your pores. It stimulates blood supply, so your skin will be left a healthy pink after the treatment. This also means your collagen and elastin levels are up to its maximum, which is exactly what we need as we get older.

This amazing mix of plants, clays and plant waters rejuvenate your skin, brighten it up and have a lifting effect too. We made it in 2 parts so you don’t need to use harsh non-natural preservatives on your skin: you get the highest quality end result, which is completely natural.

How to use it? It’s easy!

  • Take a tablespoon of powder and mix with liquid parts in a small bowl until nice and smooth.
  • Apply to your face and relax for 20 minutes.

It is important to relax, as this mask has a tightening effect and if you use your face muscles, it can crack, reducing the effect of the mask. I usually meditate while relaxing with a mask and I use a hair mask at the same time, too. It’s a complete home spa treatment on a physical and emotional level, leaving me feeling pampered from top to toes.

Ideally, you should wash it off in the shower as it could be a bit messy. But the end result will be worth it! After removing your mask, apply your favourite moisturizer and enjoy your pinky, healthy, glowing skin!


I hope you enjoy your self care treatment as much as I do!

Lots of love,


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