How your eating habits should change to adapt to body and skin changes

Everyone knows the proverb – We are what we eat!

And it’s very true! However, the importance of the food we eat grows when we become older. After turning 30 years old, our collagen production slows down with every year that we live.

It may feel like you can’t do anything about it: aging is aging and it can’t be stopped. For many years, the media really told us we need collagen drinks and expensive procedures or maybe even surgery to look pretty and slow down the natural aging process.

And it might have been true for that time, but not anymore!

Current discoveries actually tell a different story: and it’s much more exciting. Yes, our body changes over the years and we are not getting younger in our passports, but in real life, we can do so much to stop worrying and start to enjoy everything we have today!


First of all, we need to adapt our eating habits.


To produce collagen, we need a set of vitamins and minerals so our body can produce it. The truth is that when we are young, most of the time we do not eat healthy food or we don’t value the importance of the foods we eat. As a result, we are not even producing the maximum amount of collagen we could do.

If you are a wise woman in her 40s, you can learn how to maximise the collagen production in your body.

You can start eating the correct foods and to improve collagen and elastin delivery to your skin and joints to get maximum benefits. This way, you can improve your skin and health significantly.

How your eating habits should change to adapt to body and skin changes
How your eating habits should change to adapt to body and skin changes

As a result, you produce more collagen than even the younger ladies. It delivers maximum benefits for your body and you will definitely feel and look younger.


Most importantly, be yourself and enjoy your life!


Training on collagen production in the body and what to eat to improve it is coming soon on our website!

Keep an eye on it!


Happy aging,



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