You don’t need botox to feel great at 50

Are you afraid of getting older?

Looking in the mirror every day and seeing the changes on your face may make you think of getting some botox, fillers or expensive treatments.

I want to stop you here.

Why? All these treatments have some side effects. Media keeps saying it’s safe. They are, to some extent.

But they are not telling you one thing: they will never make you feel you are perfect.

Never ever!

It is all about your inner feeling! Do you feel you’re enough? Do you feel loved? Do you feel safe?

The beauty industry is huge and they have loads of money to pay for adverts. They are crafted in a very mind-programming way, so it works if you see or hear them long enough.

This has been programmed in our minds for many many years: we are not good enough if we are not doing this and that.


Stop again for a moment.

We are souls coming to learn on this planet and in this body. We choose this body. It’s our choice and responsibility.

From this point of view, we are taking the responsibility in our own hands and this is the way to real freedom!

There is another way!

Let’s see our body as perfect and think what we can do to keep it in great working order for long, long years to come.

It will take some time to accept your own body: at least it was like this for me. When I realised it is my choice in this lifetime, I stopped hating my fat, my face and everything else.


I started to think about how to improve it!

I thought about all the possibilities:

  • I can be more active
  • I can use only natural products to cleanse and moisturise my body
  • I can drink more water and eat cleaner food
  • I can start stretching my body if it’s stiff or do targeted exercise if I want to correct something
  • I can start to record my food to see which vitamins or minerals I am missing
  • I wanted better skin on my face – I can do face fitness

For many years, you have been giving to others: family, children and your community.

It’s time to nurture yourself.

It’s time to invest back in yourself.


The result will be a happy, healthy body that is full of energy. This way, you can enjoy your life till the last minute.


Love yourself,



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