Embracing the imperfect path to healthy aging

We sometimes love to follow popular people and see their success, thinking it happened to them because:

  • they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth
  • they were just born into such a family
  • they are simply lucky…. And so on!


This couldn’t be further from the truth!

We all are souls born in this body to experience different things and to learn! We keep forgetting this important fact. We keep ourselves unhappy, unlucky and in victim mode.

In such a mode, we can’t achieve a lot. We will stay small and suffer, but as soon as we step into our power, the energy changes! All of a sudden, we are powerful souls, able to achieve anything.


The sky’s the limit.

When I was young, I was mostly in victim mode and was always looking for someone to blame for my problems. This only created more problems, until I was in a place where you can’t go lower. The next is death.

I was actually thinking about suicide.

What’s changed my path?

Another soul stepped in and saved me: my brother cut his fingers off. I woke up!

As a woman and mother, my first reaction was to help! I just jumped in a taxi and ran to the hospital. All of a sudden my own problems were nothing important. All I was praying for was for my brother and the doctors so they could fix his fingers!

All ended well. My brother has his own fingers and I am still alive.


He woke me up.

I took my life in my own hands and everything started to change. It was still many years until I fully recovered, but this event changed my life.

Years later, I met my Colour therapy teacher Moira Bush and she opened the doors to a quantum jump in my soul growth: to colours!

Since her workshop 5 or 6 years ago, a lot has happened…

It is all part of my soul’s growth again.

However, it is one huge lesson in all of this: do not forget who you are!

Not a victim, not a sufferer, not a small person who isn’t able to change anything.


STEP IN THE POWER OF YOUR SOUL and take responsibility in your own hands.


Take the first step towards your dream. Even the smallest one counts: show the Universe how much you want it! And you will get it!

And remember: the sky’s the limit!


I am here to keep your hand .


Love you,


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