How getting wiser makes your aging journey better

Do you remember your young years?

I definitely do! I made so many mistakes! And I was so nervous because of absolutely stupid things!

I was also always thinking about what others will think of me!

How stupid I was!

It absolutely doesn’t matter now what my neighbour thinks of me. But it was so important 20years ago!


What is different now?

I am free!

  • I am free of the worries about what others may think of me.
  • I am free of the worry of failing.
  • I am free of small problems as they have no impact on our lives on a large scale.

And I have so less stress.

And I have so much more freedom.

I still do not like a messy home for example. But not because someone else will visit me and think I am a bad housewife, but because I can’t work in a mess. It’s an inner feeling, not an outer one!

I still like quality items. Not because I can show my status, but because quality items last, they do not create more pollution and in many cases, it’s someone’s hand work, energy and love.

Now I live based on my inner feeling – and in this way I have inner balance and it makes me happy.


To learn to trust your inner feelings is a journey, not a destiny.

And this journey makes us wiser in many ways. We learn to accept others as they are, we learn to love others because they simply are, not because they do what we want.

And it teaches us to enjoy a moment. Enjoy meeting our loved ones and enjoy the sunset or sunrise.

Be now in harmony with yourself and the environment.

I call it getting wiser, not aging. We are only getting wiser.


Enjoy the moment.



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