You probably heard people talking about autumn and the importance of immune system boosters? This year it is even more important as in many places around the world doctors’ offices and hospitals limit treatments, so in general your health is in your own hands. So, it’s beneficial to learn how to not become ill, isn’t it? How to boost immunity? First of all-vitamin D is a magic wand for our immunity. If you had no opportunity to be in the sun in summer chances are your vitamin D needs boost. Choose from vitamin D supplements like fish oil  or eat loads of seafood like oily fishes or mushrooms. Vitamin C is a well known help when we are not well. It’s easy to eat, drink or take supplements but I am a true believer in natural sources as a best choice. To have enough of Vitamin C-simply eat 1 apple,1 orange and 10 strawberries a day and use 1 lemon by adding to your water. And you are sorted and ready for winter! Fresh air is another immune system booster and it is easy to get-just find a park, wood or seaside close to you and enjoy it! After a great brisk walk you will have a great night sleep-another important factor when we want to be in balance. If you struggle with good sleep or wake up in the middle of night-it is always a tool to sort it out. For me it’s a sign of lack of  exercise, but for some of you it could be high stress levels. Stress actually is the biggest killer of  inner peace and also one of the reasons we are getting ill. It’s not always easy to find the way out of woods but some tools can actually help you- Walking, nature, exercise, talking to friends, meditating or aromatherapy. I use Vauva Natural room spray before sleep and  sleep like a baby. It’s natural, easy to use and very effective. I wish you a healthy autumn and good deep healing sleep! Enjoy! Zane

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