How to Maintain Your Happiness Levels and Why it Matters

Can you remember the last time when you felt truly happy?

Your heart melts, in love with the world and the people.Your face shines with a beautiful smile and you want to hug everyone. These are just some of the emotions we experience when we feel truly happy.

True happiness and love is something humans seek our whole life. Most of the time, the pursuit of happiness happens outside of our own bodies, and we tend to believe external factors have the power to make or break our happy moments.

So is it just outside factors creating your feeling of happiness?

The answer is NO!

This International Day of Happiness, we want to share with you some insights and tips to maintain your happiness levels and why that matters in your healthy aging journey.

Where can we find happiness if not on the outside?

Moments when we can feel happy and full of joy don’t come across at every other minute. We can get stuck looking for happiness in all the wrong places if we don’t realize that.

The truth is that our own daily energy and how we cope with negative or dull experiences is what brings us to overall positive feelings. It’s hard work to maintain positive thinking, but the results that come from this on both a physical and emotional level are worth it!

Just to give you some examples, it has been proven that happiness:

  • lowers your risk for cardiovascular disease
  • lowers your blood pressure
  • enables better sleep
  • improves your diet
  • reduces stress
  • gives you peace of mind.

The best ways to maintain your happiness

Here is my 3 step formula on how to change your energetic vibration and stay on this wave for longer.

Step 1: Gratitude

The shortest path to feeling happy and positive is gratitude. Gratitude transforms your body’s energetic vibration from negative to positive in seconds. At the same time, it helps you to appreciate everything you already have.

You can start from very basic things, like having a tasty breakfast or appreciating a sunny morning. An example of things you can say to yourself is “I am healthy and my body helps me to achieve my aims”, or “My family is healthy and happy”.

Start with 3 facts/things in your life.

Slowly, with practice, you will find more and more amazing things to be grateful for in your life.

Take it as a challenge and expand to 10 or 15 great things to be grateful for in the next few weeks. You will feel how your energy changes and how you will start to attract more and more good feelings and opportunities in your life.

Step 2: Feel how loved you are

Take a moment to truly feel how abundant, happy and loved you are.

I usually start with feelings of love from the Universe and my ancestors. I then think of my family and friends and finally, all the angels surrounding me. It builds up as a huge cloud of unlimited loving energy around me. You can’t be unhappy when you feel such an amount of love and happiness all over you!

Step 3: Keep the feeling with you

How to maintain this happy energy for longer?

Remember this feeling of happiness and bliss and repeat it every time you can like a mantra: I am so happy, loved and abundant!

I am doing it while driving or walking, cooking or waiting for someone.The more you do it, the quicker you get in this feeling and the better results you create!

Try to take these 3 steps every day. Slowly, you will start feeling how protected and supported you are!

It will create not only a feeling of happiness but also of stability and protection.

The world will respond to this energetical change by giving you more things to be happy about.


Let’s build some happiness inside of us today!

Zane Bermaka

Atlantis Skincare Founder


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