Why Women Over 50 Deserve More From The Skincare Industry

Historically, people accepted age as an unavoidable fact and they lived with this belief without making a big deal of it. Generations of families lived together and everyone had a role to play and skills were passed over from generation to generation. Elder women were seen as a fountain of wisdom, strength and inspiration.

Fairy Tales and traditional songs are still alive today thanks to this generation to generation link, as well as many more valuable things like folk medicine or food recipes!

How the perception of women changed over time

Looking at the past, it’s almost unbelievable how far we have distanced ourselves from it as a society. The perception of women especially has changed drastically, even more so for aging women. From being in balance with nature and our own bodies, valuing all that the female body gives us, we have changed into a society that sees women over 50 as less valuable, less perfect and just not as good as younger women. When it comes to services and businesses aimed at women, very rarely we see women over 50 as the target. It’s as if we forgot about the power and wisdom they hold, and how much we can learn from them.

Now more than ever, I believe it’s time to return to our roots and values and see everyone as the perfect creation of the Universe they are, at any age. Each with their own mission and their own individual lessons to learn.

If we were able to see the world through this lens, how could we be bothered by one or two wrinkles? How could we ever believe again that our worth is defined by the number in our passports, or how perfect and young our skin looks?

Life over 50 deserves to be supported and celebrated

This is why I am so passionate about inspiring ladies 50+ to stop seeing themselves in their aging, imperfect bodies and instead to learn to restore their energy levels, glowing skin and desire for joy, adventures and new skills.

We might have 20, 30 or 40 years left to live – and they deserve to be lived fully.

When we smile and our eyes are sparkling with excitement, no one actually pays attention to our wrinkles: all they feel is our glowing energy!

Healthy aging with the help of powerful products

We still want to feel comfortable in our changing skin. Issues like dry, sagging and patchy skin can be very tricky and even painful. The truth is that the skin care that worked 20 years ago no longer serves you, and you will soon start to feel and show it. What you need is products that are formulated to support the many changes your skin is going through at this stage in your life. Your old moisturizer can’t help your skin anymore, as it is designed to help younger skin, with only one or two issues to tackle

Your body will go through lots of changes during this stage of your life. Without doubt, these changes will also affect your skin’s condition, meaning you may need a stronger moisturizing effect and help to tackle your changing skin tone, collagen production stimulation and skin rejuvenation. The products you should choose must have multiple purposes and should be accompanied by extra help from serums, masks and exfoliators.

How we aim to help you at Atlantis Skincare

We formulated a powerful and effective range of products that act as skin food for ladies over 45. Many of our customers over 50 report significant skin improvements over a few years using Atlantis Skincare. As a result, they rarely even attend a beauty therapist! They simply don’t need anything else.

We believe in the power and value of women over 50, and there is nothing that makes us happier than helping them to feel confident in their skin again and to enjoy their lives fully.

A final thought

We know the mainstream media can get a bit much sometimes. Women like you are rarely represented, and if they are – it’s with heavy photo editing and unrealistic standards. They are trying to hide the marks of your wisdom, hurting and destroying the self esteem and confidence of too many women around the globe. It’s heartbreaking – and that’s why we’d love you to join us on our mission to help change that.

Through our work at Atlantis Skincare, we aim to go beyond skincare. We want to boost the healthy representation of women over 50 in the skincare industry, while giving them the tools and information needed to take the right steps towards an overall sustainable lifestyle and healthy aging journey. We want to enable you to enjoy this stage of your life, to restore your fountain of energy and to feel powerful, confident, wise and joyful every single day.


A big hug to all you wonderful women on this International Women’s Day!


Zane Bermaka

Atlantis Skincare Founder

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