How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

There is no quick fix for this question. I love making changes in small steps: when change happens slowly and easily, it stays longer.  

Step One: First of all, it’s vital to understand where you are. To do so, start with signing up for . This is an amazing platform where you not only count your calories , but you can also see the amount of vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids you eat. This is an inventory of everything you put in your mouth, including water! Keep your records for 3 to 5 days and at the end of day 5 you will see where your weakest links are. The most popular problem zones are zinc, vitamin C and E, calcium and iron and drinking water. 

Step Two: Now you know your problem zones, you can plan how to fix them

Where do you want to be?
For example, if you know you have a very little zinc intake, do your research and find foods that are rich in zinc and add them to your daily menu. I always believe in the natural source of everything. There are exceptions though, so if you have no way to get it in a natural way, you can’t digest it or you have an allergy to natural sources you can try using supplements tailored for your needs.  

Step Three: Swap your habits. If you have any food types in your meals that are processed, junk or out of balance, look for healthy and tasty alternatives. You can also try to change your cooking methods.For example, instead of deep frying, try slow cooked or steamed food.  

Step Four: Review your progress. After adding and swapping new foods for some time, do another inventory for 3 to 5 days and adjust your new results. Most importantly,  keep going until you find your perfect way of eating and living. This is not a one day task: it is constant lifestyle changes that you have to keep adapting to new circumstances and situations in your life.   Every new journey starts with the first step: just keep going!   Good luck and please let me know how your journey to transforming your habits for a healthier lifestyle is going! 🙂 

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