Breakfast is one of the main meals of the day and since you have the whole day to burn off your calories, you can have a feast with healthy foods in the morning. My go-to healthy breakfast ideas are fruit, raw nuts or seeds, oat or buckwheat. Other great options are boiled eggs with avocado and wholemeal or rye bread, or a tasty omelette with salad. Here are some of my main tips for putting together tasty, healthy breakfasts:

Eat most of your calories at breakfast
Even if you are not counting calories, it is recommended to eat most of your daily calories in the morning (until midday), especially if you choose fruits! Sugars consumed in the evening can result in diabetes. However, if you keep active and exercise or have a walk in the evenings, these calories can be burned very quickly too.

There isn’t one perfect time to have breakfast!
The way I see it, breakfast can be eaten up to midday. We all are different and for some of us it is fine to have a meal at 6.00 am, while for someone else it’s perfectly fine to eat at 10am. Listen to your body and your feelings and do what feels best for you. It also can all depend on your sleeping pattern too. As a night owl you will hate to wake up at 6am, but as an early bird you will surely enjoy it! Same applies to breakfast.  

What are the best breakfast foods?
So you may wonder: what is the best food choice for breakfast? The answer is: anything you feel comfortable with! I have several recipes for healthy breakfasts and I keep changing them depending how I feel and what I want. My favorite is oat porridge with linseeds: easy to make, but good for my intestine and skin because of beta glucan in oats.  

All about breakfast oats
Oats work on several levels: first of all, they create a great environment for gut bacteria. Having breakfast oats also cleans out our gut from toxins and blockages, reduces the level of cholesterol in our body and slows down the absorption of sugars and fat via the intestine. The last, but not the least addition to all the benefits is the amount of fiber in oats! To make it even better, adding linseeds in porridge gives you a healthy amount of Omega 3 fatty acids and also helps with gut cleaning. You can also eat oats as an overnight pudding, which is one of my favourite healthy breakfast recipes! You can add fruit, seeds, nuts – all the great ingredients that are great for our bodies! Linseeds or chia seeds are essential to maintain healthy levels of Omega 3!  

The conclusion: what is the healthiest breakfast recipe?
The choice is yours! However, if you count your calories, add 50gr of oats, 10 – 20gr of linseeds or chia seeds and a limited amount of extra seeds and nuts. Fruit and yogurt is good to fill the additional space. I also eat buckwheat porridge, avocado and eggs with rye bread or simply a fruit salad. Some people love their smoothies in the morning, but I would better prefer smoothies for lunch. We are all different, so let yourself be guided by your body! Choose 5 to 7 of your favorite healthy breakfast options and you will never have a boring breakfast again!   Bon appetit! Zane Join our Healthy Aging Academy for recipes and ideas how to improve your life!  

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