Cleansing Milk + Toner Set


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The Atlantis Skincare Glowing Skin Cleansing Milk is part of our exciting, 100% natural glowing skin range, and forms the first step in your new daily skincare routine. Handmade here in our environmentally-friendly Atlantis Skincare lab, this invigorating cleansing milk is suitable for all skin types, and works to clean and refresh your skin, providing you with a smooth, clear canvas.

Our Glowing Skin Toner is a mild, cool and gentle toner bursting with fresh ingredients to breathe new life into tired or dull skin. Suitable for all skin types, and especially suited for more mature skin, this universal toner can be used by anyone who feels that their skin would benefit from a powerful, refreshing boost. It delivers an invigorating mix of oils, extracts and juices to hydrate, soothe and replenish.

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