Start Eating Healthy: Dinner Ideas 

Dinner is the meal of the day when you should really choose your foods carefully.  

Go easy on your stomach!

Your dinner meals must be easy to digest so your tummy can rest overnight. According to scientists, we need at least a 12 hour break between the last and first meal so our body has time to digest the meal and rest afterwards.It will also help you if you are exercising in the evening.  

Stay light on the calories!

We should eat less calories in the evening as we are resting and if they are not burned, they are going to get stored – in most cases on the waist line.This is something we want to avoid, so make sure you stay light on your evening calorie-intake.  

Fill your plate with healthy foods!

This is another meal we can usually prepare and enjoy at home, so it is a great opportunity to eat loads of fruit or veggies to stock up with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Use this opportunity wisely!

Healthy dinner options

  The perfect dinner meal you should aim for is salad accompanied by protein! The great news is that there are hundreds of options to choose from! One way is to layer green leaves with vegetables and top up with some protein like eggs, chicken, seafood or tofu and sprinkle with seeds and salad sauce. Alternatively, you can combine different vegetables like carrots, red cabbage and beans and top it up with a sauce of your choice. You can also mix steamed vegetables with oven-baked potatoes or sweet potatoes and top up with your favorite sauce mix and protein. Try to avoid extra carbohydrates like pasta, rice or corn in the evening. If in doubt, simply eat a pile of healthy and vitamin-rich vegetables! This brings us to our 3rd meal of the day, but you can also divide these three into 4 or 5 parts or add some smaller snacks in-between.   Don’t know what to snack on? Stay put as I will have another post for you coming soon.   Be healthy and full of energy! Zane Join Healthy Aging Academy to learn more how to befull of energy at any agy!  

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