The Ingredients That Make Atlantis Skincare So Effective

Our growing customer base is constantly producing raving fans of our Atlantis Skincare products, and we don’t say that ourselves. Our clients are the first to tell us, as the results speak for themselves.

When you go over 45+, you start noticing small changes in your skin. The structure and color of your skin may change. It may become more dry and some wrinkles appear. Then more of them, and more and more. The next stage is where the sagging kicks in and it keeps going downhill from here…


But there’s a catch!

If you keep using the same old skincare for many years, you may think these aging signs are inevitable, but this is far from the truth. Your skincare needs simply are different now, so you need different skincare products too.

We saw so many success stories over the years. Some of you had forehead wrinkles disappearing, some of you felt how moisturized your skin becomes after using our Atlantis Skincare products, some of you simply get the glow back on your face. But in general, you all saw huge changes on your skin.

You might want to know how this can happen?

My answer is simple. The best ingredients to deal with your problem, attention to details and made with love. The same principles that you use when making good, nourishing food.


Atlantis Skincare is skin nourishment from the outside. Food is skin nourishment from the inside.

One of my favorite ingredients is Sea Buckthorn Oil.

It is not simply oil, it’s a power factory that makes wonders if you use it on both the inside and the outside.

This amazing plant grows in sandy places, where there are no rich soils, but where the roots are going deep inside the Earth and the end result is just so amazing.

These powerful orange berries produce a bright orange pulp oil that is high in Vitamin A and carotenoids. These are able to protect against damaging UV exposure. It also contains Vitamin E, C and flavonoids, Vitamins B1, B2 and K as well as fatty acids and phytosterols. It actually contains around 190 active ingredients, making it so effective for healing, regeneration and wound healing oil for the inside and out.

True skin nourishment!

We use this amazing ingredient in all our skincare products, apart from the Toner and Serum Gel. Our oil is coming from the Himalaya mountains, it’s organic and highly concentrated.

This is just one of our amazing ingredients. More to come soon!


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Lots of love,



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