The Minerals You Need to Build Healthy Skin and Collagen

What do you define as healthy skin? To me, it’s all about glowing, supple skin that is blemish-free and vivacious. It’s also important to check whether your skin is starting to sag, as this is the first sign of aging along with the wrinkles and pale colour. You probably heard about collagen and elastin and hyaluronic acid, or how important it is to have collagen in your skincare products. However, not so many experts actually talk about the importance of food in collagen and elastin production and natural sources of collagen from food. They also do not mention how much collagen from your cream actually goes to the layer of your skin where collagen and elastin resides – it’s usually close to none! Why ? Because collagen is found in the connective tissues, while skincare products are designed to work on the upper layer of skin only. Indeed, they can help moisturise your skin and keep moisture in but real work actually starts where your food arrives. To keep your skin in great shape, start with a choice of foods.

First, focus on your natural sources of collagen: spirulina, eggs, red meat and homemade broths (for example chicken broth). Second, you need a support team of minerals that can come in the form of supplements, which will help make collagen from the food you eat: magnesium, zinc, copper and sulfur. Zinc is one of the minerals that present a challenge when it comes to trying to have it in great amounts, but its role in collagen making is crucial. If you miss out on one of these minerals, collagen production will not happen, so pay attention to what you eat once more. The next brick needed to build collagen are vitamins, in particular vitamin C. Other important ones are vitamin B6 or biotin,and vitamins A and E. These vitamins are involved in the production process, so if we do not have enough  of them, once again collagen can’t be made.   Picture this: as we age, our collagen production is slowing down but we also have a poor diet. You can’t dream of a beautiful house while using second hand low quality materials. The same applies to our body: the food we eat is crucial and with age it’s even more important! Also, if you have a specific diet you must pay even more attention to every detail. This way your ‘home’ will be beautiful and long lasting! Your beauty comes from inside out! To keep eye on our products and information please join our Instagram and Healthy Aging Academy on Facebook! With love, Zane

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