Why life doesn’t end after your 20s

When I am looking back to my 20s I just want to laugh. How naive I was! 🙂

I remember an old saying:

When you are stupid, you know nothing but you think you know everything.

When you learn a lot, you think you know nothing and you keep learning, but still you feel like you know nothing.

This was me exactly: when I was 20, I was thinking I know everything. Now I think all the time about how much more I want to learn, as I think I know nothing…..

During my 30s I thought to myself: I am so old and I didn’t achieve anything…

And now, during my 50s, I think: Wow! I want to learn so much more and I have so many more years to do so!

For me, life is just starting. I have some skills I am happy to share with others, I am wise and I also learned to manage my energy much better than when I was young.


Do I have a special secret? Can you do the same?

Yes,you can!

At 45, my energy levels dropped and I felt like an old person. I had no energy in the afternoon, my head was full of cotton wool and fat was growing quickly all around my waist and everywhere else.

I didn’t want to feel like this and I started to look for answers.

Slowly, step by step, they started to come and I understood: there is no cream or pill or diet who can make me feel better, as there is only one solution: to be more active.


I started slowly, one step at the time.

Tennis lessons, then exercise class once a week, then 3 times a week, then 10 000 plus steps a day.

Now I am active every single day. Sometimes I burn 500 calories, sometimes 1000 – even yesterday!

I also enjoy activities I was thinking of doing for years, like coastal path walking (it’s actually quite a challenging activity), dancing and cycling! The more I do it, the clearer it is: movement is life!

This is something which keeps us alive and full of energy! It’s the answer to being stress free, good sleep and a life full of energy.

Life doesn’t stop in your 20s if you just keep moving!

Let me know how are you geting on!



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