Natural skincare is a new hot thing all around the world. But it’s actually not: it has been around for ages and existed already when humans lived in caves.

Starting from plants being used to heal the skin and body issues, tol all the amazing oils and butter collections, typical to each country or continent of the world.

This is nothing new. It’s something else that has just appeared in sight.

  • New is the access to amazing, plant-based ingredient bundles that we couldn’t even imagine in the past!
  • New is the information about amazing, beneficial skincare ingredients, starting from the depth of the ocean to the top of trees.
  • New is a type of natural ingredient made from bacteria and mushrooms.
  • New technologies help us to use the whole plant or extract only the best from certain plants…
  • New is also the ability of one plant to heal several problems on our skin. They work in synergy with each other and in this way, the effects are not just doubled, but tripled!


This is why natural skincare is our future now!

  • We can grow new plants each year with organic and planet friendly methods.
  • We can use the whole plant so nothing is wasted, and live more peaceful and balanced lifestyles in harmony with Earth.
  • We can create and use problem-solving skincare without harming ourselves and others.

As our skin starts from the inside, food can be counted towards natural skin care ingredients, too.

And here, too, we are turning towards natural and live, vibrant ingredients grown sustainably without harming the animal world, humans and the planet. Such food will create a healthy body and healthy skin and we can live thinking more about enjoying life and creating love and harmony around us.


I think joy, love and harmony are things everyone desires and now, such life is our future.

You must take a step towards it.


With love,



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