Sustainability is a big word in everyone’s mouth right now, but do we really know what it means?

I did some research and I found this quote, which I fell in love with:

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

How lovely this sounds! No stress, no pressure, simple common sense.

Sustainability for me means living in an energy flow with nature’s rhythms without harming the planet, nature and ourselves.

But it also means-supporting others who want the same, who want to live and create value, not only for themselves but also for others.


How can we achieve this in practical life?

It’s a big topic, as you can be more nature friendly in many ways, but let’s first concentrate on skincare.

For me it’s all about natural ingredients that do not harm my skin, that put food on the table for the families who produce them and that do not harm Mother Earth when we wash them off.

But this is just one part of the picture. Another part of it is all about how many skincare products you use.  Do you really need all of them?

My dressing table looks very simple:

I have my Atlantis Skincare day cream, the night elixir, an eye cream and cleanser and a toner. I also use the serum oil and serum gel when necessary, and a fruit acid exfoliator (trial phase) and Atlantis Skincare mask once per week. For my whole body, I use body oil. And that’s it!

Yes: my skincare is very simple, but effective and easy to use.

The next step would be to consider who I want to support. With every purchase you vote for something.


Who do you vote for when you buy skincare? Have you ever thought about it?

Small, family-owned businesses create amazing products for us, and usually they are way more sustainable than some from huge corporations. This, without mentioning the quality and energetic vibration of the products.

Corporations also use standardised ingredients, and their main point is to make more money.

In many cases, sustainable brands freshly make their products in artisan laboratories. They transport straight to your homes without a long chain of middlemen in-between, after months in warehouses. And they add their love to what they do.This is true sustainability!

It is for you to decide what is sustainable for you and who you want to support, but all these factors are good to know when making your decisions.

Sustainable skincare is about our future. The future of our children, the planet and Mother Earth.


You can start with small steps and learn in the process. Make mistakes, learn and always keep going.

Our aim is the same: A greener, cleaner planet for us and our children.


With love,



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