3 reasons to be proud of the woman you are this year

As we just started a fresh new year, it’s time to look back on our life. Often we see unfulfilled dreams or failed attempts towards new things and beat ourselves up for it. Instead, how about looking back and searching for your achievements?

I am talking from my own experience. I am a master at beating myself up for things I failed to achieve. But this time around, I decided to go over 2021 and find the great things my team and I actually achieved this last year. Surprise surprise! I managed to find so many!


Let’s consider 3 big ones that both you and I nailed in 2021:

1.You survived the last 2 years of endless uncertainty

These were 2 years of very intense energy. It was a challenge not only for our emotional side, but also for our physical body to stay in line with all the energetical changes taking place on planet Earth. Every incoming energy wave changes something in our body whether we want it or not, so we were forced to adapt to these multiple changes.

2.You learned something new 

We all do and it’s called life experience. Sometimes these lessons come easier, sometimes they hit us like a tsunami, but they always teach us something. With every hit, we are stronger and wiser and we should be proud of all these lessons we overcame and learned!

3.You adapted to every single change

I think there isn’t one person on this planet who didn’t have some kind of change in their life over the last year. Some lost family members or friends, some of them so sudden you can’t accept it even months after. Some of us made new friends, totally unexpectedly too!

Some changed jobs or started new businesses, decided to learn new skills or move home.

These are all big changes even in normal times, but they hit twice as hard under all the laws, restrictions, uncertainties and anxiety we have been living under for the last 2 years.

And you did it, so congratulations to you!

Whatever 2022 will bring, know that you are strong. You have been through so much, but now you know you can handle much.


Really take a moment today to celebrate yourself, you did so well!

Raising champagne for your success,



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