How can I eat daily dose of vitamin E? Vitamin E plays a vital role in anti aging processes in our body mainly as an antioxidant,helping to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals cause so-called cell rusting and its accelerate premature aging processes.Vitamin E also might help to repair damaged cells so it is a vital vitamin to keep everything in balance and keep us healthy and happy. I have been investigating my diary for the last year or so and my conclusion is-it is not easy to maintain everyday Vitamin E supply.Good news is-our body can keep it in reserves and use it as soon as it needs one. So the big question is how can you consume vitamin E daily dose? Daily dose of vitamin E to maintain the body in balance and to keep skin glowing and healthy is 15mg. Let’s dive in! There are several ways of consuming vitamin E.

Plant oils.

1 tablespoon of each oil contains: Wheat germ oil: 20.32 mg vitamin E Rice bran oil: 4.39 mg vitamin E Grapeseed oil: 3.92 mg vitamin E Safflower oil: 4.64 mg vitamin E Remember -the best oils are unrefined and organic.

Nuts and seeds.

Sunflower seeds. 1 tbsp is 8gr and it contains 2.8 mg vitamin E It is 51 calorie. Almonds 50gr of Almonds contain 13mg and it is 290 calorie. Hazelnuts 100gr contains 15mg and it is 314 calorie. Avocado 100gr contains 2.1mg and it is 167 calorie. Please remember to eat all seeds and nuts raw-so your body can take most benefits of these products. As you can see it is a good idea to plan your menu a bit so you can adjust meals and snacks to get the benefit of all necessary vitamins. Bon appetit! Zane   PS.If you want to learn more about tips and tricks of healthy aging-please join Healthy Aging Academy on Facebook or our Youtube channel Healthy Aging Academy.  

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