Do you suddenly feel depressed? Do you get ill easily and can’t recover quickly? Are you fatigued and experience muscle weakness, aches, cramps or bone pains? Did you notice you’re getting brittle nails?

Chances are you’re experiencing vitamin D deficiency! Sometimes we are not linking all these signs to the lack of Vitamin D, but thinking of more serious illnesses or simply of stress and overwork.

Vitamin D has a vital role in the optimal functioning of our body and it acts more like a hormone. Its main role is to help absorb calcium, so implicitly the maintenance of healthy bones, teeth, nails and hair are in vitamin D’s hands. Depression or mood fluctuations can also be linked to Vitamin D, so do have a look at this if you’re experiencing these symptoms.

This is one of the vitamins that support our immunity. It’s very important in Autumn, Winter and early Spring, as we fight most viruses at this time of year.

Obviously, feeling ill and unhappy, we can’t have glowing skin and sparkling eyes, isn’t it? That is why I consider vitamin D to be one of the essential beauty vitamins, bringing health and sparkle from within.

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All that I said so far may sound serious, but I have some great news for you! The lack of vitamin D is easy to correct and enjoyable too, as it brings so many benefits! Here are some ways you can ensure a healthy intake:


The best source of Vitamin D is free: the Sun!  It is not easy to get it in Winter in the Northern

Hemisphere, but now spring is finally coming! Starting from March, the Sun is stronger and stronger, so make sure to spend every minute you can outside. It will not only improve your mood, but also comes with side effects like fresh air, good atmosphere and beneficial bacterias for your gut and body.

Vitamin D supplements.

I would recommend doing some research on the best vitamin D supplement before picking one. There are several good ones on the market, for example Vitamin D sprays or capsules.


You can take up to 10 000 IU per day if you are very low on vitamin D. The normal dose is usually 4000 IU /day. Do check about your specific needs before picking your supplement dose.


We can get a good amount of vitamin D from food too! Mushrooms, fish, cheese and egg yolks are some of them, but these will only help if you are having normal levels of vitamin D in your body in the Autumn. These will then work as support for your natural vitamin D reserves.


Your body builds some reserves over the Summer, to be ready for the dark and cold season. You can test vitamin D levels in the laboratory or buy some test kits over the internet.


Enjoy the Sun and get happy!


With positivity and warmth,


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