Hey, want another cup of coffee to boost your energy?

Some cookies?

You get invitations like these every other day and honestly, it’s tempting!

Especially if it’s happening at 3pm. You feel tired, lacking energy and want a nap, not another deadline.

It happened to me too!

6 years ago I could only function until 2pm.Then, my mind switched off and only the physical body kept pumping blood around. 🙂

I thought: that’s it! I’m done. I am old and it will only go from worst to worse.

It leaves you wondering: how can you work, learn and move your business and life forward?

You know: when a pupil is ready, the teacher appears. The same happened for me.

Long story short, I ended up at a chiropractor.

I still remember this day!

The doctor was asking many questions, measuring my body and all I could see was that my body was totally out of alignment.

Pieces of vertebrae in inflammation and out of place, one body side carries a lot of weight while the other one much less, and so on.

That day I also learned that each organ in the body receives nerve signals via nerves in vertebrae. If the nerves are blocked, there will be no signals for the organs to function properly.

This is the place where aging starts.

I am forever thankful to my chiropractor Ben Gait. He helped me regain control of my life and energy.

On that day I understood the importance of our body health as a whole system.

You must think of the whole system.

We try to fix one organ, illness or problem, but actually we must see everything as a system. Our skin is not skin on its own, it is part or the whole planet called body.

As we nurture the soil and our planet Earth, we should nurture our own planet: our body.

Return back to balance, nurture your body with live, colorful, healthy food and get moving! And  I strongly recommend you find your own chiropractor!

So you can find the problem areas, address them and regain your energy. Get back to enjoying your life!

With love,



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