Looking for healthy snacks  ideas to make at home? You are in the right place – Welcome! It’s all about eating healthily and snacks are an important part of it. And who doesn’t love snacking!? Let’s dive in. There are 2 types of snacks: salty or sweet.If chosen wisely, they could all be healthy: guilty treats that at the same time are so nourishing for your body and mind!

Snack ideas: Salty Snacks

This is a big category and it always amazes me just how many different options there are! Here is an example: Simple Hummus and Vegetables
  • Cucumber and carrot sticks
  • Celery
  • Tomatoes
  • Bell peppers in different colours,
  • Fresh cauliflower and many more vegetables
  • Top with healthy hummus, Greek yoghurt mixed with garlic and herbs,
or simply eaten fresh. Nuts and seeds are also part of this category, as they aren’t really sweets. However, be careful with them as they are sooo calorie rich! Remember that this is concentrated food and eat just a tablespoon of seeds or 5-10 nuts a day. Always use raw: they are the best for your health. If you need a toasted version of any seed or nut for some recipes, roast them for up to 10min in your oven, mixing regularly. I would also add to this group home-made healthy versions of pica: use cauliflower or an egg white base and top up with tomatoes, cheese and marinated cucumbers.  

Snack ideas: Sweet Snacks

  I have a sweet tooth so for me this is an important part! My favorite one is fruit ice cream. The idea is very simple: take any frozen fruit and bananas, add raw cacao powder and fresh avocado or nut butter. Place in the blender and mix until smooth, then  serve immediately! You can mix and match everything you love: berries, fruits, nut butters, cinnamon, maca powder, inulin, protein powders, seeds, dates etc. Within 10 minutes you have a healthy snack with natural sugar! Another sweet group is raw cacao powder-based sweets: dark chocolate, truffles, homemade bars, cookies, and deserts. This is more about recipes-so do your own research! Last but not least, fresh fruit! This is an amazing, large group with a variety of foods and you can simply pick your favorite ones! I also love to try new fruit types and most of them are tasty and full of anti aging vitamins and plant phenols. You can eat them fresh, you can make smoothies or fruit salad. The choice is yours! You can also make your own ice cream to top a fruit salad!   Do not be afraid to step into an amazing world of experimenting and test and trying your own combinations. We are living in an amazing time, when we can get the most amazing plant products from all around the world and mix them with our traditional fruits.   The result can surprise you!   Bon appetit!   Zane   P.S.: If you want to learn more about tips and tricks on healthy aging, join my Healthy Aging Academy on Facebook or our Youtube channel Healthy Aging Academy.  

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