How to keep a youthful mindset at 50?When I was young, I thought: when you are 50 years old, you are old.

Indeed, people were dressing and acting like they were old at this age at that time.

What’s changed now?

We are living in different times.

We have the best food choices we ever had. Seriously!

Think about it: you can buy fruits, greens and vegetables from all around the world, all year around! Plus spices, sugars, butters and oils, just to name a few.

We can purchase supplements of nearly everything and nearly any herbal medicine from all around the world.

We have online or real life access to any type of exercise we can imagine – and exercise keeps us young!

We have access to tons of meditations and self growth programmes from all around the world.


All we need to do is to put some intention and wish to be, feel and act young!

And we are!

50 is a milestone for each one of us, but it’s not a time to feel old, not at all. It’s time to invest back into our bodies and start to fully enjoy our life. We still have 20, 30 or 40 years to live. Or maybe even more? Who knows:)

We will see how our grandkids grow up,we will travel and we will enjoy life. So many things to do! Imagine how many parties we can have within the next 40 years!

It’s not the time to get older.

Change your mindset: set the  intention and voila! Start exercising, hire a stylist or hairdresser and start eating more fruit and vegetables. Get a massage, start face fitness and buy good, natural skincare to enhance your efforts.

That’s it! And life will just start for you!!




PS.A great chiropractor can help with some aches and pains – book a trip! 🙂


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