Why you should choose natural skincare over supermarket brands?

Have you ever wondered what’s in supermarket skincare? Is it actually good for you?

Part of my skincare formulator training was replicating existing skincare products.

I had to learn how to read the INCI list and make similar products afterwards. And WOW! I was astonished with my findings. Afterwards I even started to investigate and learn to read INCI lists on everything.


First of all: The king of skincare ingredients: WATER!

It’s not water as you think, alive and full of energy. It’s deionised lifeless water that is extra cleansed. In the process, it lost any beneficial energy. Let’s call it by its true name: dead water.

If you didn’t know, water carries information. Whether it’s bad or good, it depends on you and the water source. But any water pushed through several distillation or deionisation processes in factories loses everything good.

This is the water that gets added to most skincare products. It doesn’t add any value to your skin. Its only purpose is to fill the space and reduce the costs of the end product.

Water also acts as a solvent to other ingredients. It comes as around 75-95% of most skincare products – it depends on the product’s end price.

If you see it as a first ingredient: read the information above. You are in fact paying for water.


Another factor to consider is how your skincare is made.

All the supermarket brands are made in factories and sometimes sit on the shelf waiting for you for months, or even years. The ingredients used in such brands are usually standardised too.

What does this mean for you?

Factories should produce 100% similar products from batch to batch every year, for many years. But in nature, we have different seasons. One year may be very sunny and hot, while another one can be rainy and humid.

Every process in nature affects the end product. Natural extracts, oils or essential oils will inevitably be a bit different from one yield to another. As a result, we can never get 100% similar creams or oils unless we standardise ingredients.

Standardisation also means removing the magic from the plant material. Or even worse – trying to replicate natural ingredients!

The best example is rose water. It can be as natural as possible after the distillation process. Or, it can be made from mixing essential oils with water to achieve the stable result every time.

Working with natural ingredients in our artisan laboratory is one of the most interesting parts of the process.

We have partners from different parts of the world. They also love their plants and produce high quality ingredients in small, family owned farms. Farmers and their families love their work and the environment. They use old, but very gentle methods so the end result is never cheap.

We also love Somerset, where we are based. In summer time we have so many lush plants to collect without harming nature or others. We make them into extracts which then end up in your skincare products.

My 83 years old mum in Latvia loves growing calendulas for our Calendula oil.

It’s keeping her busy and feeling needed and important. We all need to feel this, isn’t it? And I feel her love for nature and me when I get Calendula petals from her.

Each of our products are made with love and I am sure you can feel our soul’s light in our creams. We never use water-only plant waters, so our love is sent to you through the products we make.

Can you see the value in choosing natural products instead of supermarket brands?

The choice is yours. I love nature, my work and the people around me and aim to infuse that energy into every pot and bottle I send your way.


With love,


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