Do you want to know the Best Morning Routine To Keep You Young and Healthy after 50?

Somebody once told me: “If you are 50 and open your eyes in the morning and have no pain, you are probably dead.”

Hahaha! I must be dead every morning then. 🙂

How do I manage to feel healthy, full of energy and pain free most mornings? The answer is simple: routines.

I am starting my morning with some easy exercise.

I do stretching, followed by some posture exercises, lymph drainage and head and neck massage. It takes around 20 to 30 minutes, but when I am finished I feel full of energy, ready for my day and young.

Why do you need this?

Stretching removes any stiffness in your ligaments. It helps a lot to improve collagen supply all around the body, it improves your blood supply and the energy starts to sky-rocket.

Posture is key

Posture is your signature. Everyone can see it, and often it is the first thing showing our age!

I investigated some of our stars: they all have amazing posture and an elegant walk, even at 70  or 80 years old! Don’t think they are lucky! And it’s not good genes either.:)

Believe me. It’s hard work invested to create this image. Remember also that all illnesses start from the vertebra, so it’s important to keep it straight and strong!

How does lymph drainage help?

Lymph drainage is a very important system to wake up. It cleans our body from waste (or not, in the case of cellulite). It’s crucial to help your body to do this job.

Lymphatic systems have no such pumping system as blood does. It’s all based on natural body movement, and we sometimes do not move a lot, so waste removal is disrupted.

Imagine your bin full of stinky rubbish! I guess you don’t want the same thing happening to your body! Invest some time back into your body and reap the health rewards and glowing healthy skin.

The final touch: head and neck massage.

All the blood supplied to the face and hair comes through our neck and shoulders. When you sit near computers, stressed out from another deadline or problem, your muscles squeeze blood vessels and the normal blood supply is disrupted.

This ends in headaches, pale skin and sometimes even hair loss. Just massaging your head and neck area muscles will help you relax. The blood and nutrient supply will improve and even your brain functions and all your organs will work better .It’s not difficult to improve your health and get glowing skin. By adding a short 20 min routine to your day you will make a significant step in the long term to make you feel alive and happy!


Wish you wonderful, energizing mornings,


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