Lemongrass or cymbopogon is a tropical plant in the grass family, native to Asia, Australia and Africa. The most common use of lemongrass is in cuisine, fresh, dried or powdered herb is added to soups, stews, curries, baked goods and herbal teas.

Lemongrass fresh or partly dried leaves are extracted to produce oil. It has light, fresh lemony fragrance with earthy undertone. Lemongrass oil is used in perfumes, candles, beauty products and medicine. Providing antiseptic, antibacterial, analgesic, antipyretic, antifungal, antidepressant and antiinflammatory properties, the oil reduces fever, treats symptoms of flu, improves digestion, supports immune system and offers many other health benefits.

Lemongrass oil is very favourable also for skin and hair:

  • cleanses and purifies the skin, tones up the pores, ideal for oily and combination skin.
  • provides anti aging protection, strengthens the skin tissues, uplifts and firms the sagging skin.
  • treats acne and other skin issues, keeps skin healty.
  • eases the pain, soothes sore muscles and joints pain.
  • reduces cellulite.
  • serves as a deodorant, helps combat unpleasant body odour.
  • soothes irritated scalp, treats dandruff, strengthens hair follicles, makes hair shiny and healthy.

Lemongrass scent boosts self esteem and confidence, uplifts spirit and arouses hopes.

Lemongrass oil is added to Atlantis Skincare Eye Cream with Hyaluronic Acid formula.