Seaweeds are the common name for countless species of marine plants. They are found throughout the world’s oceans and seas and are one of the most nutritionally dense plants in the world. Seaweeds are important sources of macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, fiber and micronutrients – vitamins K, B1, B3, B5, B9, C, E, choline and minerals including calcium, copper, iodine, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and iron as well other bioactive compounds. The consumption of seaweeds may help improve heart health, detox the body, regulate hormones, boost immune system and reduce obesity. They are also great to maintain flawless skin.

Seaweeds benefits for skin:

  • unclog the blocked pores, detoxify the skin, pull out toxins and other impurities, regulate natural sebum production.
  • deeply nourish and moisture the skin, make it supple, healthy and beautiful.
  • rejuvenate and repair the skin, brighten the complexion, fade dark spots, give the skin revitalized and glowing appearance.
  • soothe and heal skin irritations, calm itchy eczema, accelerate healing of wounds, treat acne.
  • provide antioxidant protection.

Seaweed powder is included in Atlantis Skincare Two Part Face Mask with Clay and Ginseng formula.